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About Kiwi:

I am his sister. His room looks like a tropical Island because he loves islands, and dreams of living on an island paradise instead of a cave. He loves gum. No one can remember his name not even him. His name is somewhat like this Kiwi Snuggles Snowflake Fluff Cuddles Twix Berry Ted Icicle Chubby Buttons Boo the Third (Just call him Kiwi Snuggles so he doesn’t get offended though). One day, Kiwi the bear finds out that her great great great cousin (Alice) got adopted and kept an ancient diary. She also finds out that Alice stole an ancient artifact that’s more than 1000 years old now, and it’s in his attic. He's in love with Strawberry and they live in the same cave. Our parents got killed with a pack of other bears by hunters.


Name: Kiwi Snuggles

Birth date: April. 20, 2007

Birthplace: Alaska Mountains

Born: 7:30 in Eastern Time
Alaska: 3:30
Pacific: 4:30
Mountain: 5:30
Central: 6:30
GMT / Zulu / UT: 12:30


Friend List

1.    Strawberry

2.    Sara

3.    You

Album: Kiwi



Kiwi’s Twin who died an hour after he was born. He loves flowers.  (white bear with bow)



Our parents, a long time ago

Our great great great cousin, Alice



His girl friend, Strawberry


One day Kiwi discovers by the ancient artifact that he’s a superhero. This is a picture of his outfit as a superhero and someone drew the outfit. Kiwi loves it.



Strawberry and Kiwi in costumes


 His Dream Home, in Hawaii the waters are clear blue and the sand pure white. I was almost born there.



See full size image          Kiwi’s Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner.


12" God Bless Teddy Bear (Pink Blessings Bear) - Aurora Baby®  Strawberry again ( Always the pink bear )

 I am always the brown bear with the bow J Sometimes Kiwi wears ties though but it’s easy to tell the difference between us.


 Kiwi and I



smiley #6018  Kiwi and Strawberry light fireworks every New Years Eve   


       smiley #6037See the whole thing in motion at: