Cookie and Lilly 

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          Cookie     Lilly


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About Cookie:

She is owed by Anivla01. Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite food is strawberries. Her favorite flowers are roses. She loves planting them and reading (comics, news, book, brochures……… anything she can get her paws on). Her friends include Lilly (DUH!), Anivala01, Mercury, Kiwi, and me. She also likes baking cookies.

About Lilly:

Some people wonder who she’s owned by……… it’s me J . His favorite color is green. His favorite color is lime green. He LOVES nature. His favorite food is cookies because of his sweet tooth. He doesn’t like flowers as much as cookie, but adores daisies and mostly lilies. He loves too go on adventures and is a very hyper bunny. His favorite quote is “An adventure a day keeps the vegetables away”. Cookie keeps telling him it doesn’t make sense but with his imagination… nothing is impossible. He has the same friends as cookie.


        You walk into the jungle. You hear some racket in the bushes. Suddenly, Cookie and Lilly enter to go on their daily adventure. They start a picnic. Lilly is stuffing some cookies in his mouth, your mouth waters as you watch the crumbs fall out. You decide to join them. After a while you hear more bushes shaking. You tell Lilly to come check it out with you because you know Lilly can’t resist adventures. After a while, you give up.


        All of you guys are relaxed and you’re just about ready to go home. Since Lilly hasn’t had an adventure yet, she refuses to go home, so you stay for longer. Suddenly, candy surrounds the earth……… or just Lilly’s imagination and a thing pops out from the bushes. You scream!

smiley #6193       LOL! It’s a little girl in a bunny costume. It’s hard to get pictures of her because she’s so bouncy. Isn’t she adorable? You ask her name and she replies……. MERCURY?!?! LOL!


1 month later…….

You tell the story to everyone you know and then you remember. “Oh yea. Mercury did like bunnies when she was little J