About Me


My name is Sara. Sara means the one who makes everyone happy. Vinathi is my Dizzywood name. I always get on Zany. My hobbies are posting a website, chatting with friends, making smileys J, and going on adventures and short trips with my dad. My favorite colors are lavender and next pink and next sky blue. I have declared August 22 as national Sara day (That's my birthday).I adore everything that's meant to be adored like babies, paintings, cartoons, nature, and chocolate. I prefer dolphins and polar bears, things like that over cats and dogs. I do think cats are adorable though.


Scenic view with dolphin:≠^-^


This is really cool, look dolphins are camouflaged into the walls. O.o


Baby Polar Bear Playing:





Sunset----- What's nature without the sky?



My computerís background:



No one said I didnít like horses: This is my favorite picture of one. I drew something like this before, it looks even better then this one. I didnít trace it either.


My favorite smiley: Meet Fuzz (there is a happy smiley and crying smiley so there should be a fuzz smiley J )

smiley #6080(Fuzz is the white bunny in love with the pink one)

I like to present Fuzz as this when I am chatting:


(\†† /)††† _______

(*.*) <(Hi world)

(u u)

= =


More Fuzzies, check out: http://planetsmilies.net/smilies/bunny/